What We Do

Solving the complexities of identifying, quantifying and understanding diverse Asian American public opinion

We know sound analysis of Asian American public opinion hinges on appropriate technical tools and cultural competence – both are essential. This is why organizations, foundations, agencies, and decision makers turn to us for help gathering information and crafting strategic solutions.

Our team of highly skilled social scientists, led by Dr. Taeku Lee brings expertise on Asian American public opinion and technical capabilities unparalleled in the industry.


Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence – Our personal familiarity and experiences inform our work to produce the most accurate information and analysis on Asian American public opinion. Demonstrated understanding of Asian American diversity and dynamics are built in to every element of every project, from start to finish:

  • Innovative survey instrumentation and experiments
  • Original assessment tools and question batteries
  • Demographically accurate sampling frames
  • Customized contact, selection, and interview protocols
  • Analytical techniques tailored to capture extensive in-group variation
  • Reports and recommendations clarify when different sub-group strategies are necessary, and when they are not.

Technical Capacity

We leverage data, state-of-the-art analytical tools, and operational capacity to give clients unparalleled advantages. Our past results have revealed significant predictive advantages and accuracy over competitors that continue to set us apart from the field. Data, analytical tools and operational capabilities exclusive to Asian American Decisions gives clients powerful information advantages.

  • Proprietary software, predictive statistical tools, and analysis applications
  • Specialized techniques quantify and account for population diversity accurately
  • Archive of proprietary data provides enhanced contextual information for clients
  • Accurate methodological practices capture new and unexpected trends
  • Experience analyzing emerging and difficult to reach populations
  • Fine data dissection appropriate to client questions and needs
  • Archive of proprietary data provides enhanced contextual information for clients

Operational capabilities

Our in-house research operations allow us to manage the entire research process and achieve a higher level of quality and timely results.


  • Capacities in Cantonese, English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese
  • 200 station state-of-the-art telephone data collection facility in Seattle
  • On-staff CATI and online survey programmers and project managers
  • One of the largest multilingual interviewing staffs in the Western United States


We understand how demographics, identity, public opinion, participation, and research methodology intersect. Cultural competence in combination with sharp quantitative skills provides our clients with a tremendous edge over competitors, as we work to solve problems and formulate long-term strategies.

  • Electoral analysis including voter registration, precinct analysis, voter turnout, vote share
  • Technical diversity evaluation of survey instrumentation and sampling techniques
  • Survey design, polling, experimentation, and message testing
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Statistical modeling and simulations
  • Program review and evaluation
  • Consult and model demographic impact on organization operations, human resources, service delivery, and consumer market environments